5-Step Sisal/Seagrass Carpet Cleaning Tips

At Breen Clean, we really love the underfoot feel, visual texture and natural colour of Seagrass or Sisal rugs as they bring a light, airy and natural design element into any home.
Cleaning spills on these rugs, particularly because they are often used in high-traffic or outdoor areas, can be a little tricky. The natural honey toned colouring doesn’t hide much. The nature of the material also doesn’t allow a quick washing treatment to remove spills and stains, neither is constantly calling the professionals like the Breen Clean team a practical option.

The Solution: The Breen Clean 5 Stain Sisal/ Seagrass Carpet Cleaning Guide

Stain #1: Any Wet Substance

Disaster! You’ve just spilled something on your beautiful Seagrass rug… What should you do? Immediately blot the area dry with a clean white rag or absorbent cloth, starting from the outside of the spill and working your way in. Remember… Blot don’t rub. When the liquid has been removed, assess the colouring to see if the spill requires further treatment.

Stain #2: Red and Purple Stains

Red wine, tomato sauce, or even berry stains on your Seagrass rug are often very obvious. Begin by dampening a clean white cloth with club soda and blot at the stain until all the liquid is removed. Once the area is liquid free, assess what colour remains. Allow to dry before vacuuming up.

Stain #3: Hard Dirt

Because of where most Sisal or Seagrass rugs are situated in the home, mud and dirt are inevitable. Here is what to do. Mud or dirt should first be left to dry. Then, get a soft rush and lightly agitate/scrub the dirt to loosen it out of the fabric. Blot any remaining ingrained dirt with a clean cloth dampened with warm water and neutral dishwashing liquid (1:1 – small amount).

Stain #4 Fatty Stains

Fatty stains such as peanut butter on your Sisal rug require a slightly different approach. Use a blunt knife to lift the excess and then make a solution of neutral dishwashing detergent and warm water (1:1 – small amount). Blot the area with a clean cloth dampened with the liquid. Allow to dry before vacuuming.

Stain #5 Pet Accidents

While we all love them, pet accidents on your beautiful Seagrass rug are enormously frustrating. Here is how to clean them. For urine, blot the area until all liquid has been removed and then pack it with bicarbonate of soda - bicarb absorbs odour. When the bicarbonate has dried, vacuum it up. For faeces, lift the faeces using a blunt knife, then blot any remaining area with a clean rag dampened with a neutral dishwashing detergent and warm water (1:1 – small amount). Finally apply the bicarbonate dry rub to the area and vacuum when completely dry.

We recommend a professional cleaning of your Seagrass or Sisal rug every 6 months. The environmentally friendly products we use ensure the long-term sustainability of your rug as well as helping you to maintain hygiene. Contact us to find out more.

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